4 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Own Self-Inking Stamp

Rubber stamp has been used for so many years. Ever since its first discovery hundreds or maybe thousands of years ago, there had been a lot of innovations and improvisations to make rubber stamps more convenient. Nowadays, a rubber stamp has at least three types that are available to buy or order. Each type of rubber stamp has its own advantages and disadvantages. Lately, there are more people who use self-inking stamp. It is because the self-inking stamp is one of the simplest and most convenient to use compared to the others. It holds a lot of benefits that can help people around their office. If you are thinking of getting yourself a rubber ink as well, here are a few reasons why you should consider getting a self-inking stamp for your day to day work.

1. Simple Usage

A rubber self-inking stamp is most well known and used because it is hassle-free. A self inking stamp is a tool that shows how well modern technology and a simple system can create a very helpful item. A self inking stamp is not difficult to operate, meaning that anyone can easily use it without any confusion. Moreover, a self inking stamp is a lot more convenient compared to the traditional rubber stamp because it does not need a separate ink pad. When you have to bring your stamp somewhere, you won’t have to find yourself getting annoyed by messy ink, the difficulties from carrying a separate ink pad around, and many other discomforts caused by the older technology.

2. Easily Portable

A self inking stamp is lightweight and compact. Since it already has a built in ink cartridge inside, there’s no more need for a separate ink pad. You can fit the small stamp into your pockets and travel comfortably with it. You won’t have to worry about anything as it is stored because it is very safe and secure.

3. Represents the  Company Well

With a self inking stamp, you will be able to present yourself better to other businesses. Having a self inking stamp is very important in the world of business. A stamp can hold great responsibility since it can be a representative of a company. With the mark of a company’s self inking stamp, it means that the whole corporation has agreed to the discussed matter. So, the use of a self inking stamp cannot be taken lightly. With a certain design, it can hold power as a tool that enables document authorization.

4. Time Saving

A rubber self inking stamp can really help you around your daily work. It can simplify the way you do things,  and it is especially beneficial for tedious work such as giving signature in documents. Signing them one by one can take quite a long time and it truly sets a toll on your arm. But with a self inking stamp, you can do it much quicker and simpler. All you have to do is press down on the paper using the stamp. Less energy wasted, more time saved. Moreover, the result is always good and consistent and you can visit Kiasu Rubber Stamp to know more about it.

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