How to Choose the Best Sticker for My Home? Part One

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Stickers became an essential part of our home decoration. With them, we can express a lot of ideas on different topics: nature, animals, urban, art and so on. But sometimes we find so many types of Singapore sticker labels that we can’t make a choice for the best one to stick on the wall of each room. Here are some tips for choosing stickers suitable for different rooms in your home.

Living Room Wall Stickers

• You can centre a large rectangular sticker above a sofa, longer than the sofa to give a feeling of space. For a smaller sticker, it better to use a graphic, stylized element, and shift it to the left or right.

• Do not put large panels behind the television, this wall must remain neutral. You can put stickers of reasonable size at the level of the plinth.

• The small multiple stickers will go perfectly near a lamp, as a frieze above a piece of furniture, at the edge of the shelf.

• A small room can receive a large trompe-l’oeil sticker which will give it depth. Add a few plants alongside to enhance the visual effect.

• You can also run words, monuments, flowers and plants from floor to ceiling, but without overdoing it.

Stickers in the Kitchen

• The kitchen is the privileged place of words, sentences, recipes, and quotes. You can cover a wall with it. You can also add a little greenery with plant friezes at the windows.

• If you have tall units, you can restore visual balance to the fridge by installing a square or rectangular sticker above it.

• Stay in the colours of the furniture or opt for a colour that contrasts if your kitchen is light.

Panel Heading

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