How to Choose the Best Sticker for My Home? Part Two

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Stickers in the Parents’ Bedroom

The place is intimate, personal, so you can do whatever you want.

• You can create a headboard with custom sticker printing. If it is rectangular or square, centre it. If you choose a particular shape, it should start from one side of the bed and not be centred, but harmonious. Multiple stickers can start from the foot of the bed and make arabesques. Do not go all the way to the ceiling unless you want to decorate it too (always diagonally).

• You can opt for a large format on an entire wall, respecting the tone of the room. For light walls, choose a sticker one or two tones above if the room is deep and one or two below if it is wide.

Stickers in Children’s and Teenagers’ Rooms

    The sticker allows you to decorate a child’s room quickly and inexpensively. The decoration can thus change according to their age and their tastes. Do not arrange all the stickers at the same height.

• For a child, use phosphorescent stickers (moons, stars …) to group above the bed. A wall will accommodate trees, animals, as well as some slate stickers.

• For teens, put for example a world map on the wall of the office. Large formats are possible at the headboard.

Stickers in the Bathroom

• You can revamp your tiling by covering it in full or in small touches with coloured wall stickers, monochrome or decorated with patterns.

• If you are placing a large design above the tub, shift it to the left or right. You can also play with the apron.

• If you don’t have a window, opt for a plant motif above the baseboards or on a free wall near a column cabinet.

• Stage your stickers by using stylized or geometric shapes to highlight the towel rack, hooks … You can create a monochrome frieze representing a wave around the sink or going down into the bathtub.

• Avoid stickers on the door, especially if the room is small, you would not have the necessary distance to take full advantage of it.

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