Joint Health Natural Remedies

Joint health is a recurring topic of discussion among people of all ages, especially older people. This is because any injury or damage to the joints is usually painful and may interfere with your movement. Painful joints can affect any part of the body, making life harder and less enjoyable for anyone. If you’re experiencing painful joints, here are a few natural remedies to help you get relief.

1. Hot and cold water therapy

Many doctors recommend heat and cold treatments to relieve arthritis pain and inflammation. Each offers unique benefits:

  • Cold: Wrap a gel ice pack or a bag of frozen vegetables and apply it to the affected joint during RA flare-up for quick relief. This therapy should not exceed 15 minutes at a time and be sure to take at least a 30-minute break between treatments. Never apply ice directly to your skin.
  • Heat: Use a moist heating pad, an electric blanket or just take a long, warm shower in the morning. Just don’t overdo it so your skin doesn’t get burnt. Using this heat treatment can aid relax your muscles, ease discomfort and enhance blood flow.

Alternatively, you can purchase products that contain capsaicin, which is the substance in chilli peppers that makes your mouth feel hot. They provide warmth and can give you relief from pain.

2. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient form of Chinese remedies that involve the use of super-fine needles to reroute energies and restore balance in the body. There isn’t a lot of research into this traditional remedy but it is believed to decrease arthritis pain. It is a natural remedy that’s worth giving a try since the risk of harm is extremely low. 

3. Meditation

Contrary to widespread assumption, this technique doesn’t require any spiritual beliefs. It simply involves being calm by focusing on your breathing or whatever you choose to focus on. Numerous studies indicate that it can help lower stress as well as decrease inflammation and pain.

4. Exercise

You may not like moving but it is an effective natural remedy that can help you manage your joint health. When you engage in regular exercises, your joints become flexible; the muscles around your joints get stronger and are able to provide better support, and you shed extra pounds that put pressure on your joints. Fantastic examples of low-impact exercise for arthritic patients include walking, cycling, water activities, swimming, dancing and more.

5. Turmeric

A golden spice that’s made from a flowering plant, turmeric has been used for centuries to lend colour and flavour to foods. It has also been used in Chinese medicine to treat a variety of medical conditions including arthritis and musculoskeletal disorders. It also contains curcumin, the property responsible for its yellow colouring, which has been discovered to have analgesic effects. Thankfully, some of Femito (フェミート) products are made from turmeric and other herbs to decrease joint pain and inflammation.


While it is important to keep up with your usual medical care, these natural remedies can help ease pain and stiffness associated with joint pain. Be sure to speak with your doctor before trying any of the remedies above, especially Femito (フェミート), which is an effective supplement for joint health. 

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